segunda-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2013

British Open TV or not


British Open TV or not

just a few holes, the tiger is the six game in the British open.Unless he blows (he didn't), he seems to believe that his tenth major championship.Today, we hold the historical standard definition rather than high definition.One may ask why, but another problem is: do we see in front of the TV rounds of dynamite,4g smartphone?

the answer is: Yes, the original, provides a wide screen, the standard deviation of feed company.On the conversion of standard definition feed 480 I to 1080 I and broadcast in high definition,smartphone price comparison.The results are significantly better than the standard definition television, not as crisp as local 1080 I radio.More importantly, a missed opportunity, let the history of golf hd.Even if the conversion of feed than the 480 I signal we saw in the final two rounds.


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