sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

Live, from your mobile phone!


Live, from your mobile phone!

bluetooth,best smart phone deals.I have a loving relationship, how my mouse and keyboard connected to my notebook computer, it and my borg-inspired headphones can keep me hands-free and legal way.But all my fanboy-ism good vexed, I don't think I can love Japan to wireless communication technology.

Yamaha have utilized the 802.15 fashion trends, the release of nx-a01 compact speaker system and trx-ro1bt Bluetooth receiver for mobile phone and other media player (through).Development of gold, mobile phone provider, the measures of 3.3&times,android smartphone; 4.6× 3.3 inch receiver up to 1.7× 1.8× 1.7 inch space.The software package is also equipped with a wire connection to receive your computer and other digital audio player.

now, I don't think this is matched to the products in your home theater sound system, but it may be a simple solution, if you spend enough time in the kitchen cooking or hide your spouse working in the garage; open, select a song and without additional tools or mess of wires.

speaker system and receiver will be priced in the near future, will be available in Japanese black and white, respectively.


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