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Canalys robot overtake Saipan intelligent mobile p


Canalys robot overtake Saipan intelligent mobile p

Google robot to become the global leader in intelligent mobile phone platform

– canalys reveals an intelligent mobile phone market of more than 100000000 units in the fourth quarter of 2010

Palo Artaud, Singapore and reading (UK) Monday, January 312011

immediate release

canalys today published its last quarter of the global 2010 countries the level of intelligent mobile phone market data, Google robot has become one of the leading platform.Android based intelligent mobile phone shipments reached 32900000, while the device Nokia Symbian platform running slightly backward, 31000000 world.But the Nokia has retained its as global leader in intelligent mobile phone manufacturers, with a 28% share of.The fourth quarter saw global intelligent mobile phone market continue to soar, shipments of 101200000 year-on-year growth of 89%.The last quarter shipment this year scores below 300000000 units, with an annual growth rate of 80% in 2009 (see table below).

volume 2010 in the fourth quarter, Google Operating System of intelligent mobile phone (mobile phone, business management system and tapas) again by strong performance in the number of suppliers, especially Samsung, LG, Acer and HTC, the number of these platforms grew by 4127%, 1474%, 709% and 371%, respectively, compared to the same period.HTC and Samsung together accounted for almost 45% of the Google Operating System of the mobile phone sales.

'2010 is a great year for intelligent mobile phone market.After a difficult 2009, speed, recovery, requires a real commitment and innovative suppliers and they have risen to the challenge, "canalys vice president and chief analyst Chris Jones.&quot,smartphone plans comparison;But should not be complacent.The 2011 set is a highly competitive and manufacturers hope to use new technology, such as dual-core processor, communication and 3D display, to differentiate their products and to maintain the value of."

at a regional level, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (Europe) is still the largest market, 38800000 of total exports year-on-year growth of 90%.Nokia continued leadership in Europe and Asia Pacific, but in 2010 it was beyond the ring of Latin America, the delivery of more than million units in the fourth quarter than the Nokia 2010.Supplier special help popular mid-range intelligent mobile phone, the curve series equipment.

the United States continued their domination of the market by the state with the largest amount, at more than double the size of the Chinese market of intelligent mobile phone.The first edge to recapture the apple, because the latter usually we experience seasonal drop, and edge due to the first quarter shipment for the BlackBerry torch.HTC successfully maintained third rankings in the United States for the third consecutive quarter, its speed to market and the latest updates and new Windows Phone 7 devices.

"the United States of America landscape will be shifted significantly this year, due to the verizon-apple protocol, canalys analyst Tim shepherd."The company will keep their attention away from the robot's range, but the overall market impact will mean less carrier-exclusive transactions, with a concomitant increase in opportunities, robot manufacturers, such as HTC, Motorola, samsung."The robot is by far the largest intelligent mobile phone platform in the American market in the fourth quarter of 2010, volume 12100000 of nearly three times the RIM BlackBerry device.Windows Phone 7 devices appeared too late to make full use of the holiday buying season.Therefore, Microsoft lost market share, in the United States, from the 8% quarter of the 20095% quarter of 2010.

announcement analysis of state-level data show that, the world power,best cheap smart phone, intelligent mobile phone performance still different.In South Korea, for example, from 7 the following 00000 unit volume growth in the fourth quarter of 2009 to 3400000 units in the fourth quarter of 2010, making the country 10 big market.In Japan, robot goods have in the past year, nearly 1400000 units from local and international companies, such as htc.More Japanese supplier has also announced plans to launch a robotic device 2011, such as Casio and Panasonic Corp.Under pressure, Huawei Nokia and Samsung especially, share in China fell to 56%, down from 76% a year earlier, despite the increasing number of the country more than 70% over the same period.Although from a smaller base, Chinese market grew 134%, significantly higher than the United States market, which increases by 64% 1/4.

canalys analyst in the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas and Europe, available to reporters about the topic, mobile devices and the growing ecological system for mobile applications and services.Will also have a significant presence of canalys analyst at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 14 to February 17.Arrange an interview, please send a request press@canalys.com.


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