quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2013

Canon released four consumer camcorders zr500, zr6


Canon released four consumer camcorders zr500, zr6

canon is dropped four new consumer cameras designed for beginners — three models of zirconium series and the Taiwan 100,smartphone security software.All four sports Canon widescreen high resolution function allows full-screen image viewing widescreen television, and each using a 2,smartphone skins.7 inch widescreen display panel.Zirconium series 25 times optical zoom, and zr500 and 600 (see above the left and right, respectively) to make a 800X digital zoom and more than 1000 times digital zoom, can be in zr700.All element also includes a horizontal lever control to avoid bending photography and digital photographs capture the SD card media, and provide for $299 (zr500), $349 (zr600) and $399 (zr700), respectively, and Taiwan for $399.Searching for available in the end of this month, Taiwan and its appearance at the end of February.



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