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Hum loudly 1284 superhuman speed than no bank


Hum loudly 1284 superhuman speed than no bank

in today's program, Intel FTC antitrust agreement,smartphone deals, Darren explains this flaw, make all kitchen equipment belongs to, and the Federal Bureau of investigation that they store some of your checkpoints in the scanned image of the body…For the…For some reason.Wow.In addition, Facebook finally entered the modern age.Alas.


1284 episode

Intel, the Federal Trade Commission to settle antitrust case

mobile phone cracked vulnerability – update again

Apple investigating tissue vulnerability allows the network to escape

Apple security vulnerabilities to complete access to your mobile phone

the FBI acknowledged storage checkpoints in the scanned image of the body

the UAE combat BlackBerry service extended to foreign tourists

why clear ispot low: only at the design

Facebook acquired a robot cosmetic

Facebook games facebook.Me domain: new products or simple redirect?

sharp plans to launch this year seventy-two percent

3D intelligent mobile phone users are very satisfied.

ice sexy map

converted into Nintendo let you play your eyes to find Mario

Superman comic save home foreclosures

voice (800-616-2638)


e-mail (bass "Microsoft website.)

1283 sets, you talked about the new BlackBerry torch.One of characteristics, do you think it is good, have the ability for your application to display your bill.I don't know how useful features will be most BlackBerry Enterprise provide telephone (I assume this is still true).Although you may be able to justify the expense or global positioning system application, I don't think wallpaperexpress or easybartender would be an easy sell.How long, until the company began locking the purchase application way SMS?

– Klonoa Hartley


hey bass crew,

got only 2.2 update my Motorola Droid, notice there is an option, the tether through a universal serial bus.I tried in my windows 7 notebook computer, and it worked very well, from what I can tell, there is no extra fee,first smartphone!

use, just to set the > wireless and network > traction.When connected to a computer via a universal serial bus, bus captive select the check box and automatic driver installation.; -)

hope – don't take it away!

"in Indiana


small buzz crew:

I wanted to make a comment on Molly micro-rant cannot use her Kindle in the aircraft during takeoff and landing.I was a pilot with the airlines for more than 25 years, for the past 7 years, I have in my airline safety committee.The main reason, the airline will you turn off all electronic during takeoff and landing should may interfere with aircraft avionics and all pay attention to the environment the most critical phases of flight.For every single takeoff and landing flight staff thinking what to do in case of catastrophic events.The same thing, passenger!Accident statistics, the difference between life and death in survivable accident is less than 90 seconds.The last flight to a passenger reading, watching a movie or play video games.

when the captain says, "sit down, relax and enjoy the flight," he or she is actually doing the flying public a huge damage.The captain said, "sit up, attention, and prepare evacuation plan, in case of emergency."

love the show and enjoy your next flight!

captain Paul

Boeing 767


if the coffee shop is against the computer, maybe we should display and play some and I bet the dice roll table and argue + 5 as a cannibal the emotion of the orcs they let the computer back.Lightning bolt!Lightning bolt!Lightning bolt!

Rick · Colsa heavyness."


BlackBerry Torch: hot?Give us a comment on the BlackBerry messenger.Our needle # is 24523c65


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